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Twitch Solves IMO Shortlist

In early 2020 I created a Twitch stream that I stream on some (but not all) weeks. The series is informally titled Twitch Solves ISL (here ISL is IMO Shortlists).

Content includes:

  • Working on IMO shortlist or other contest problems with other viewers.
  • Twitch chat asking questions about various things
  • Games: metal league StarCraft, AoPS FTW!, Baba Is You, etc. I have a preference for somewhat difficult puzzle games.

I also upload past broadcasts to YouTube. A Discord server also exists centered around the stream.

Twitch schedule#

You can find a schedule for the stream, also below. Friday night at 8pm Eastern is the usual time.

Streaming setup#

Software used on the stream includes:

Hardware in Boston HQ:

  • Gaming headset: Xiberia V22
  • Mechanical keyboard: Havit HV-KB395L
  • Mouse: Inateck MS 1001
  • Gaming PC: MSI Codex XE Plus MSCXEP9SC292
  • Monitors (x3): BenQ 24” IPS GW2480 + ASUS VE278Q 27” + Sceptre 32” QHD (E325W-2560AD)

Here is a picture of my physical setup (click to enlarge).

Archive of past problems#

Here’s an archive of the problems solved on stream.

To submit a problem: Problem requests are processed for 256 channel points each; points are earned by watching the live stream. Requests must be submitted at the start of the stream, 8pm Eastern time every Friday. Then the viewers vote on which requests to take (with points refunded if your request is not processed). Because of large demand, I do not take advance requests.

Ep. 116IMO 1997/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 116IMO 1997/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 114IntBee 2023/S7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 114Stamp Stamp(youtube)
Ep. 113AMC 8 2023/17(youtube)
Ep. 113CodeForces 1667C(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 113Florida 2023(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 113GaussMO 2022/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 113Twitch 113.2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 112ELMO Revenge 2022/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 112INMO 2023/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 112INMO 2023/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 111AtCoder ARC 139E(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 111ELMO Revenge 2022/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 111USAMTS 4/2/34(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 111USAMTS 4/3/34(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 110China 2023/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 110Clock(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 110CodeForces 1698F(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 109All-Lincoln 2022/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 109Iberoamerican 2019/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 109Iberoamerican 2019/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 108Brazil 2022/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 108Math Prize 2022/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 108PAGMO 2022/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 108Putnam 2022 B4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 107Australia 2020/8(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 107Brazil 2022/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 107DEMO Mock 2022/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 106Brazil 2022/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 106Kosovo TST 2019/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 106Twitch 106.1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 106Twitch 106.4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 104Iberoamerican 2022/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 103USEMO 2022/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 103USEMO 2022/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 103USEMO 2022/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 102IMO 1998/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 101IMO 1997/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 100Poland 2019/1/12(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 99IMO 1997/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 99IMO 1997/6(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 99Schweitzer 2020/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 98IMO 1999/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 97ToT Fall 2012 J-A7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 97gcd det(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 95Sylver coinage(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 94IMO 1998/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 92Twitch 092.3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 91IMO 1999/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 91MR J560(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 91Twitch 091.2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 90USEMO 2021/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 90USEMO 2021/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 90USEMO 2021/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 89USEMO 2021/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 89USEMO 2021/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 89USEMO 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 88IMO 1999/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 87Iberoamerican 2021/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 87Iberoamerican 2021/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 87Iberoamerican 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 87Iberoamerican 2021/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 87Iberoamerican 2021/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 87Ireland 1994/10(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 86China 2018/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 86ToT Spring 2010 S-A7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 85MR U552(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 84USAMO 1996/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 83Shortlist 2020 N5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 81Centroamerican 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 81KoMaL A775(youtube)
Ep. 81Korea 2021/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 81USAMO 1996/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 81USAMO 1996/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 80Shortlist 2020 G7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 79IMO 2021/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 78IMO 2021/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 77Shortlist 1999 C6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 77Shortlist 2007 N1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 77Shortlist 2013 C4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 77USAMO 1996/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 76Shortlist 2014 A3(youtube)
Ep. 76ZhiHu 2021(youtube)
Ep. 75ELMO 2010/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 74Brazil 2020/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 74ToT Fall 2005 S-A3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 74USAMO 1997/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 73Russia 2010/10.8(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 72Sweden 2018(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 72ToT Fall 2011 S-A7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 72Twitch 072.1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 71JBMO SL 2008 A2(youtube)
Ep. 71JBMO SL 2018 C3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 71KoMaL N166(youtube)
Ep. 71Martin Gardner(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 70Cono Sur TST(youtube)
Ep. 70Junior Balkan 2013/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 70Shortlist 2012 N3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 69Bulgaria 2018/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 68Germany 2017/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 68Shortlist 1998 N1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 68Shortlist 2012 N1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 68USAMO 1996/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 67Italy TST 2006/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 67ToT Spring 1999 S-A1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 67Twitch 067.1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 67Vietnam 2014 Training(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 66CAMO 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 66Putnam 1979 B6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65Canada 2021/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65JMO 2021/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65JMO 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65JMO 2021/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65Rectangle projection(youtube)
Ep. 65USAMO 2021/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65USAMO 2021/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65USAMO 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65USAMO 2021/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65USAMO 2021/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 65USAMO 2021/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 64Fary theorem(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 64Shortlist 2014 A2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 64ToT Fall 2015 S-A7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 64USAMO 1997/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 62CAMO 2021/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 60CAMO 2021/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 56USA TST 2021/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 56USA TST 2021/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 55Mexico 2020/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 54Brazil 2015/3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 54ToT Fall 2012 S-A7(youtube)
Ep. 53AMC 10B 2021/24(youtube)
Ep. 53ToT Fall 2015 S-A7(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 52AMC 12A 2021/24(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 50TSTST 2020/9(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 50USAMO 1997/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 47CAMO 2020/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 47Twitch 047.2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 47USAMO 1998/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 45IMO 1993/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 45IMO 1998/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 45RSL 2018 N1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 44TSTST 2020/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 44TSTST 2020/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 44TSTST 2020/6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 33Twitch 033.4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 32ToT Fall 1999 J-A6(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 32Twitch 032.3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 30IMO 2020/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 30IMO 2020/2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 30IMO 2020/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 30IMO 2020/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 16USAMO 2020/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 11USEMO 2019/4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 11USEMO 2019/5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 10USEMO 2019/1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 9Shortlist 2004 C5(pdf)(tex)
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Ep. 7Shortlist 2004 A2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 7Shortlist 2004 G3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
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Ep. 6Shortlist 2005 C1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 6Shortlist 2006 A5(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 6Shortlist 2012 G3(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 6Twitch 006.1(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 5Shortlist 2004 N1(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 5Shortlist 2006 G2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 5Shortlist 2013 A2(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 4Shortlist 2006 A2(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 4Shortlist 2007 G8(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 3Shortlist 2005 G3(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 3Shortlist 2007 N4(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 2Shortlist 2007 C1(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 2Shortlist 2007 G2(pdf)(tex)(youtube)
Ep. 2Shortlist 2009 C1(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 1Shortlist 2008 N2(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 1Shortlist 2012 C2(pdf)(tex)
Ep. 1Shortlist 2012 G2(pdf)(tex)

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