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Twitch Solves IMO Shortlist

In early 2020 I created a Twitch stream that I stream on some (but not all) weeks. The series is informally titled Twitch Solves IMO Shortlist.

Content includes:

  • Working on IMO shortlist or other contest problems with other viewers.
  • Twitch chat asking questions about various things
  • Games: metal league StarCraft, AoPS FTW!, Baba Is You, etc. I have a preference for somewhat difficult puzzle games.

I also upload past broadcasts to YouTube.

Twitch schedule

You can find a schedule for the stream, also below. Friday night at 8pm Eastern is the usual time.

Streaming software

Software used on the stream includes:

Archive of past problems

Episode No.Write-upYoutube
Ep. 17Shortlist 1981/11(youtube)
Ep. 17Shortlist 2004 G6(youtube)
Ep. 16JMO 2020/1(youtube)
Ep. 16JMO 2020/2(youtube)
Ep. 16JMO 2020/4(youtube)
Ep. 16JMO 2020/6(youtube)
Ep. 16USAMO 2020/1(youtube)
Ep. 16USAMO 2020/2(youtube)
Ep. 16USAMO 2020/3(youtube)
Ep. 16USAMO 2020/4(youtube)
Ep. 16USAMO 2020/5(youtube)
Ep. 16USAMO 2020/6(youtube)
Ep. 15Shortlist 2006 C6(youtube)
Ep. 14AMC 12B 2020/12(youtube)
Ep. 14Iran TST 2018/9(youtube)
Ep. 13Grant Yu(youtube)
Ep. 13IMO 1993/3(youtube)
Ep. 13Iberoamerican 2001(youtube)
Ep. 13Shortlist 2007 N5(youtube)
Ep. 13Taiwan TST 2019/2J/2(youtube)
Ep. 12EGMO 2012/4
Ep. 12India TST 2019/2
Ep. 12Japan 2019/4(youtube)
Ep. 11USEMO 2019/4(youtube)
Ep. 11USEMO 2019/5(youtube)
Ep. 11USEMO 2019/6(youtube)
Ep. 10USEMO 2019/1(youtube)
Ep. 10USEMO 2019/2(youtube)
Ep. 10USEMO 2019/3(youtube)
Ep. 9Shortlist 2004 C5
Ep. 9Shortlist 2012 A2(youtube)
Ep. 8Shortlist 2008 C5(youtube)
Ep. 8Shortlist 2008 G6(youtube)
Ep. 8Shortlist 2009 A1
Ep. 7Shortlist 2004 A2(youtube)
Ep. 7Shortlist 2004 C3(youtube)
Ep. 7Shortlist 2004 G3(youtube)
Ep. 7Shortlist 2004 N2
Ep. 6Mixt geo
Ep. 6Shortlist 2005 C1(youtube)
Ep. 6Shortlist 2006 A5(youtube)
Ep. 6Shortlist 2012 G3(youtube)
Ep. 5Shortlist 2004 N1(youtube)
Ep. 5Shortlist 2006 G2(youtube)
Ep. 5Shortlist 2013 A2
Ep. 4Shortlist 2006 A2
Ep. 4Shortlist 2007 G8(youtube)
Ep. 3Shortlist 2005 G3
Ep. 3Shortlist 2007 N4(youtube)
Ep. 2Shortlist 2007 C1
Ep. 2Shortlist 2007 G2(youtube)
Ep. 2Shortlist 2009 C1
Ep. 1Shortlist 2008 N2
Ep. 1Shortlist 2012 C2
Ep. 1Shortlist 2012 G2
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