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Competition mentors

This page contains a list of referrals for math competition training at various levels. They are divided into two categories:

  • Small programs offering either 1:1 instruction or small group lessons; and
  • Individuals offering 1:1 instruction.

The lists below are in alphabetical order. Larger programs (not in the categories above) are not included in this list. The descriptions are provided by the individuals, not by me.

Suggestions for additions to this list (including self-nominations) are welcome; send these by email.



  • Primary contact: Ali Cy; ($\text{president}\texttt{@}\text{athemath}{.}\text{org}$)
  • Website:;
  • 1:5 instruction for nonbinary and female students only.
  • Athemath provides a hybrid math program which includes small group math lessons for students, along with fun community-building events like games and movies. All teachers are female/nonbinary and MOPpers/MPfG winners. We are a nonprofit and our program costs only \$90 for 3 months.


  • Primary contact: Dylan Yu ($\text{dylanyu66}\texttt{@}\text{gmail}{.}\text{com}$)
  • Website:
  • 1:1 instruction for now, may expand to group during summer
  • Tutorlyte is a tutoring program focused on helping students with difficult competition and school curriculum.

Xinke’s Math Academy#

  • Primary contact: Xinke Guo-Xue ($\text{xinkeguoxue}\texttt{@}\text{gmail}{.}\text{com}$)
  • Website:
  • Open to small group lessons, with classes capped at 12 students per class. Open to private lessons on a limited and case-by-case basis.
  • Xinke Guo-Xue runs small group lessons for students interested in preparing for Mathcounts, AMC, and AIME. He occasionally also runs classes for other extracurricular math topics and introductory olympiad level topics. He studied math at MIT as an undergraduate, and is passionate about math education.


Alex Villaro Krüger#

  • Contact: $\text{alex}@\text{drechslerspil}{.}\text{dk}$
  • 1:1 instruction
  • I’m interested in tutoring one on one with students who are interested in olympiads and in exploring problems over a longer time (for instance problems leading to existing theory). I study mathematics in Moscow, but I am from Denmark where I have taken initiative to Nordic participation in RMM, among other things. However, I do not have personal experience in US specific olympiads such as AIME.

Raghav Aggarwal#

  • Contact: $\text{raghavaggarwal2005}@\text{gmail}{.}\text{com}$
  • Open to both 1:1 and group lessons.
  • Raghav has the expertise to create very strong fundamentals in problem-solving. He runs lesson for students (of any origin) preparing for both computational exams (MathCounts, AMCs, AIME etc.) and proof-based olympiads. He is also open to any specific topic-teaching in math. He has a very unique set of teaching skills which any student always dreamt of!

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