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An otter in front of a blackboard cooking a dish.

The OTIS Mock AIME is an annual 3-hour exam consisting of 15 problems whose answers are integers between $0$ and $999$. As the name suggests, it is yet another unofficial paper intended to emulate the American Invitational Mathematics Exam, although we expect that the average difficulty will be higher by 2-3 problems.

The defining characteristic of the OTIS Mock AIME is that all the problems are composed by students from the OTIS program. That is, Evan runs this annual exam as a way to give his students a chance to try their hand at problem composition.

Current edition#

  • The 2024 exam has concluded. See the archive below for relevant links.
  • The 2025 exam will probably take place from December 2024 to January 2025.

Past exams#


Like the AIME, there are 15 problems to solve in 3 continuous hours and all answers are integers ranging from 000 to 999, inclusive.

Problem statements follow ARML 2014 conventions, so for example $\left\lfloor x \right\rfloor$ is the floor of $x$. You may refer to these conventions during the exam.

For scored submissions, no aids other than writing utensils and erasers, scratch paper, graph paper, ruler, compass, protractor are permitted. In particular, books, notes, calculators, cell phones, computers, abacuses, ChatGPT, magic crystal balls, etc., are all prohibited.

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