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Publications and all that

Here is information are my various research papers, lecture handouts, textbooks, and so on.

Major Writings#

My two most major expository works.

Please see the links above for more information.

Research Publications#

Here is a listing of all my papers on arXiv.

High school lectures#

In high school I would often give lectures and talks at math circles and the like. These are in general easier than my Olympiad handouts. They also tend to leave out lots of details (after all, the handout usually accompanies a two-hour talk). I’ve included notes for these here.

To compile these documents in LaTeX, you will need evan.sty.

Berkeley Math Circle – Advanced Group#

  • AMC 12 Preparation (pdf) (tex)
    TeX source contains answers.

  • Barycentric Coordinates (pdf) (tex)
    A quick introduction to barycentric coordinates.

  • Combinatorial Nullstellensatz (pdf) (tex)
    Applies the combinatorial nullstellensatz to several olympiad-style problems.

Berkeley Math Circle – Intermediate II Group#

  • Triangle Centers (pdf) (tex)
    Standard fare on the Euler line and the nine-point circle. Might be interesting to people starting out on olympiad geometry.

  • Set Theory (pdf) (tex)
    Talked about ZFC and the construction of the ordinals. Essentially equivalent to this blog post of mine.

  • Parallelograms (pdf) (tex)
    All you have to do is construct a parallelogram!

  • BAMO Preparation (pdf) (tex)
    A combinatorially flavored practice session for the Bay Area Math Olympiad.


  • Combinatorial Nullstellensatz (SPARC) (pdf) (tex)
    Slides from an informal lecture I gave on the nullstellensatz at SPARC 2013.

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