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Contacting Evan

The best way to reach me is by email (not facebook). My address is:


Although I do my best to respond to as much as I can, I admit that I am not able to respond to everything. (Also, my replies are often terse. Please don't be offended if so; I am just trying to be efficient.)

In some cases your question may already be answered on the site: e.g. tutoring, contest resource recommendations or the FAQ. If you need help with an olympiad problem, you are better off asking on a forum like AOPS. Contrary to popular belief I can't sight-solve everything!

Here are some hints:

  • Comments, thanks, or suggestions on my writing are always appreciated! This includes any typos you find, no matter how trivial.

  • Specific queries get faster and better responses. So "can you explain this line of your solution to USAMO 20XY/Z?" will usually be answered pretty swiftly. Conversely, "how do i geo" will get at best a link to the FAQ.

  • Proper syntax, English, capitalization, etc is appreciated. (I know some of you are not native English speakers, so I try to overlook this when I can.)

  • Please be patient. "Bumping" a message before I have found time to respond is likely to annoy me. I will not respond to a non-urgent message that is bumped after less than one day.

  • Don't be too shy! I might sound scary here, but if you have a good reason for contacting me and do so politely, then I won't mind. I am happy to help where I can.
    (Examples of good requests: specific math query, something I wrote is unclear, found a typo, follow-up questions, permission requests, questions on my past experiences, etc. I'm sure there's more.)

  • In particular, there's no need to send an email asking if you can ask a question.

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