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Olympiad Training for Individual Study (OTIS)

Calvin and Hobbes comic from Sept 21, 1992.

OTIS is a proof-based olympiad training program. (Students not yet ready for proofs may be interested in my list of mentors and programs.)

About OTIS#


Updated for 2023-2024:

Other documents#

Read the above syllabus first if you’re new to OTIS.

The OTIS Excerpts#

Around the start of 2019, I posted publicly a collection of 192 problems and solutions based on materials for OTIS. This mini-book was named The OTIS Excerpts. It is designed to mostly be beginner-friendly though some of the chapters are more challenging.

OTIS logo, v2022

Application — Year IX (2023-2024)#

You may send late applications for OTIS 2023-2024 up to April 30, 2024. See the instructions below.

Who can apply (aka, everyone)#

OTIS is open to anyone, including international students from all countries. Students from minorities and underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. (I promise I don’t bite.) Full financial aid is available for all applications (even late) and admissions is need-blind. There are no age restrictions on OTIS in either direction.

Admissions are only done to ensure students have sufficient mathematical background and writing ability (due to sheer number of students, there is no “grading”), understand English, and are able to learn from Evan-style writing. In particular, admissions is not a merit-based competition. See the application PDF for more details.



Staff who were themselves alum’s have their years of participation as students denoted in parentheses.

Game Master


Past staff

Anant Mudgal (III); Ankan Bhattacharya; Anushka Aggarwal (V); Arindam Bhattacharyya (V); Atul Nadig (VII); CJ Quines; Dávid Matolcsi; Howard Halim (III-IV); James Lin; Pranjal Srivastava (IV); Reed LaFleche; Sanjana Das (VI); Xinke Guo-Xue; Zack Chroman (II-III); Zoltan Gyenes


OTIS x IMO 2018 gathering OTIS x IMO 2019 gathering

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