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Olympiad Training for Individual Study (OTIS)

OTIS is an olympiad training program for contestants who can write proofs and qualify for national olympiad (e.g. consistently 10+ on AIME for the USA). Students at other levels may be interested in my list of mentors and programs.

About OTIS#

The OTIS Excerpts#

Around the start of 2019, I posted publicly a collection of 192 problems and solutions based on materials for OTIS. This mini-book was named The OTIS Excerpts. It is designed to mostly be beginner-friendly though some of the chapters are more challenging.

Application — Year VIII#

The regular deadline for 2022-2023 was August 1. Late applications are now open, and will remain open until April 15.

See the instructions for details about late application.

Who can apply#

OTIS is open to anyone, including international students from all countries.

Students from minorities and underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. (I promise I don’t bite.) Full financial aid is available for all applications received before the deadline and admissions is done in a need-blind manner. (You may also request financial aid for late applications.)

Admissions are only done to ensure students have sufficient mathematical background and writing ability — meaning that you can read and write proofs (due to the number of students, there is limited “grading” done), understand English, and are able to learn new material from Evan-style writing. In particular, admissions is not a merit-based competition. I like the FAQ from Euler Circle, which I’ve adapted for OTIS:

The traditional way admissions are competitive is there are N applicants and M ≪ N spaces available. That is not the case for OTIS, where M > N at present. We dislike the idea of depriving students of an education; we will certainly not take any pride in doing so, and will never release statistics.






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