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Hobbies and trivia about myself

Some other places on the Internet you can find me:

Here’s a little about myself, including things I like so much that I think you should try them too!


Puzzle hunts#

I am an avid fan of the MIT mystery hunt and other puzzle hunt activities. I have participated in the MIT mystery hunt in 2017. These days, I usually hunt on ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈.

The two puzzle hunts that I worked most with were:

If you want to learn more about puzzle hunts, check the dedicated page.


Hanabi is a cooperative logic-based deduction game. I spend quite a bit of time playing Hanabi online with the Hyphen-ated group, which plays the game at a rather high level, and with my students. I am vEnhance on the website.

I wrote a short introduction to the rules and conventions to get new players up to speed, which might be useful if you’d like to learn the rules of the game and the basics of the Hyphen-ated conventions.

More games#

Other games I enjoy include StarCraft, Baba is You (logic/puzzle), and many more. In addition to my Steam list, here’s a long list of games I enjoy with short descriptions of each. I generally like games with a learning curve or games with engaging story.

Arch Linux#

By the way, I use Arch Linux. Some details about my setup:

You can find a lot of my configuration files on my dotfiles GitHub repository. Note the keybindings are written for Dvorak, rather than QWERTY.


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