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Hobbies and trivia about myself

Some other places on the Internet you can find me:

Here’s a little about myself, including things I like so much that I think you should try them too!


Puzzle hunts#

I am an avid fan of the MIT mystery hunt and other puzzle hunt activities. Hunts I contributed to include as a hunt author the Mystery Hunt 2021, Mystery Hunt 2023, and the 2021 MOP mini-hunt.

If you want to learn more about puzzle hunts, check the dedicated page.


Hanabi is a cooperative logic-based deduction game. I play Hanabi with the H-group, under the username vEnhance. I’ve been known to play competitively.

I wrote a short introduction to the rules and H-group conventions if you’d like to get into the game and the strategies my group uses. I also wrote a blog post about why I like the game.

More games#

Other games I enjoy include StarCraft, Baba is You (logic/puzzle), and many more. In addition to my Steam list, here’s a long list of games I enjoy with short descriptions of each. I generally like games with a learning curve or games with engaging story.

Arch Linux#

By the way, I use Arch Linux. Some details about my setup:

You can find a lot of my configuration files on my dotfiles GitHub repository. Note the keybindings are written for Dvorak, rather than QWERTY.


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