The OTIS Excerpts

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The OTIS Excerpts is a mini-book that I put together from lecture notes I use during the year. It is a collection of 192 problems and solutions. It is designed to mostly be beginner-friendly though some of the chapters are more challenging.


The Excerpts consists of selected problems from the following twelve topics from the OTIS catalog:

  1. Standard inequalities
  2. Functional equations
  3. Monsters
  4. Global
  5. Local
  6. Rigid
  7. Free
  8. Anti-problems
  9. Orders
  10. Prime exponents
  11. Heavy number theory (called "advanced techniques")
  12. Constructions in Number Theory

Most of the lecture material is adapted from existing handouts of mine but some of it is new. In addition, there is a chapter for beginners in proof-writing, and three chapters consisting of selected problems and solutions to recent USA team selection test problems.

Geometry is not covered; there is already a textbook for that.

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