USA Team Selection Tests

On this page I maintain archives of the USA team selection tests, the ELMO.

Note that this is not an official repository of problems and solutions, nor do I own the copyright for any of the problems. In fact, many of the files are replicas of the originals produced by me. However, since all these problems and solutions can be found on Art of Problem Solving anyways, I have assembled a subset of them here for everyone's convenience.

USA TST Selection Test (TSTST)

For an explanation of the name, see the FAQ on the USA IMO team selection.

USA Team Selection Test (TST)


Okay, this isn't actually a USA team selection test, but I couldn't resist. See general ELMO information.

Taiwan Team Selection Test

This is not a USA team selection test either, but I also couldn't resist. These problems are in Chinese; English versions here.

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