Mathematics Coursework and Lecture Notes

During math classes, I like to LaTeX notes to these classes in real time. On this page, I've included copies of notes to current and past courses (or links to official lecture notes if I did not take notes myself).

Currently, I live-TeX notes using latexmk and a heavily modified Vim editor. (For details on the technical setup, see the corresponding FAQ.) Since these notes are written during class, it is quite likely that they contain typos. Please send any corrections to me via email. For more polished exposition on some selected topics, see the Napkin project.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • (18.099) Seminar in Discrete Analysis
    Taught by Peter Csikvari. Spring 2016.

  • (18.217) Combinatorial Theory (official notes)
    Taught by Richard Stanley. Fall 2015.

  • (18.218) Topics in Combinatorics (temporary link)
    Taught by Alex Postnikov. Spring 2017.

  • (18.434) Seminar in Theoretical CS (official notes)
    Taught by Yuan Zhou. Spring 2016.

  • (18.435) Quantum Computation (pdf)
    Taught by Seth Lloyd. Fall 2015.

  • (18.757) Representations of Lie Algebras (pdf)
    Taught by Laura Rider. Spring 2016.

  • (18.950) Differential Geometry (pdf)
    Taught by Xin Zhou. Fall 2015.

  • (24.244) Modal Logic
    Taught by Stephen Yablo. Fall 2016.

  • (14.12) Economic Applications of Game Theory
    Taught by Glenn Ellison. Fall 2015.

  • (14.16) Strategy and Information
    Taught by Mihai Manea. Spring 2016.

  • (SCUM) Student Colloqium in Mathematics (pdf)
    Not a class, but free dinner and math lectures every Wednesday.

Harvard College

  • (Math 55a) Honors Abstract and Linear Algebra (pdf)
    Taught by Dennis Gaitsgory. Fall 2014.

  • (Math 55b) Honors Real and Complex Analysis (pdf)
    Taught by Dennis Gaitsgory. Spring 2015.

  • (Math 129) Number Fields (pdf)
    Taught by Mark Kisin. Spring 2015.

  • (Math 137) Algebraic Geometry (pdf)
    Taught by Yaim Cooper. Spring 2015.

  • (Math 145a) Set Theory (pdf)
    Taught by Peter Koellner. Fall 2014.

  • (Math 145b) Set Theory II (pdf)
    Taught by Peter Koellner. Spring 2015.

  • (CS 125) Algorithms and Complexity (course website)
    Taught by Michael Mitzenmacher and Salil Vadhan. Fall 2014.

University of California Berkeley

  • (Math 104) Introduction to Real Analysis (pdf)
    Taught by Charles Pugh. Fall 2013.

  • (Math H113) Honors Introduction to Abstract Algebra (pdf)
    Taught by Kelli Talaska. Spring 2012.

  • (Math 249) Algebraic Combinatorics (pdf)
    Taught by Lauren Williams. Fall 2013.

San Jose State University

  • (Math 179) Intro to Graph Theory (pdf)
    Taught by Wasin So. Spring 2013.

  • (Math 275) Algebraic Topology (pdf)
    Taught by Richard Kulbelka. Fall 2012.

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