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I am an undergraduate at MIT, majoring in mathematics. My expected graduation date is 2018.

CV / Resume

Here's a link to a two-page CV, minus my phone number and address.

Research Papers

See the second section of my publications page.


  • Preferred Linux distribution: Arch Linux
  • TeX distribution: TeX Live
  • Editor: Vim
  • Window manager: i3
  • Favorite integer: 0
  • Digits of Pi known: About 220
  • Favorite standard card game: Canadian Fish
  • Favorite non-standard card game: Yomi
  • Favorite computer game: The Battle for Wesnoth
  • Favorite olympiad subject: Geometry
  • Favorite triangle center: Orthocenter
  • Favorite circle: A-mixtilinear incircle
  • Favorite color: Aqua green (close to #00FFBF)

Link to Dotfiles on GitHub, for the other Linux users reading this.

Math Contest History

During my time as a high school student, I participated extensively on mathematical olympiads. I was a USAMO winner in 2014 (score 41) and earned a gold medal as TWN2 at the 55th IMO 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. See here for all my past scores.

I also attended the 30th Research Science Institute in 2013.

Here is how much scratch paper I used for contest preparation over my four years of high school.

The medal on the left is a USAMO winner medal; the medal on the right is an IMO gold medal.

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About / CV

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